Go Solar!

Get the most out of life.

Most of us don’t realize it, but we’re soaking up the world’s most powerful energy source on a daily basis. The sun has been a building block of life for millenia, and its power is right there everyday for the taking. So whatever your reason, be it saving some money, saving the earth, saving yourself from some stress, or all of the above, the abundant energy surrounding you can power your life.

After all, why rely on others to transport electricity thousands of miles to your home on an aging electrical grid? Why pay more for increasingly less efficient ways to gather fuel? Why not take a stand, and take power back into your own hands?

Top Reason to Go Solar

It’s the future
Almost everything we use daily, including cars, relies on electricity. California has a goal to be fully electric by 2045.

It can provide savings.
Utility rates are increasing. Tapping into the abundant energy from the sun can help eliminate that issue.

It’s safe and reliable.
Solar technology is constantly improving. 

Solar can increase your property value. People want solar for the same reasons you do! So, having panels on your home can oftentimes raise its resale value.

It helps the environment.
Most of us don’t know where our energy comes from. Tapping into what’s already on your roof makes sense — and the planet will thank you.

Your Home. Your Future!

Everything we use in our modern lives relies on electricity. With the advent of futuristic items like electric vehicles and smart home devices, tomorrow is truly electric.

Fossil fuels add a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Energy Informative cites that solar power benefits the environment by reducing your carbon footprint over the life of your solar panels. By going solar, you can give yourself the satisfaction of saving the environment for future generations to come.

The simple solution is to tap into the abundance of energy the sun provides every day as a means of powering our day to day lives. Using the source of life, to power our lives.

That’s future thinking.

Houses and homes with solar panel system in new neighborhood.

We specialize in all types of electrical repairs for your home or business.

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JHP Electric, Inc.

From cost savings to a positive environmental footprint, we cover everything you need to know when it comes to the benefits of going solar!

Affordable Price

JHP Electric can help you go solar without spending the thousands of dollars purchasing your home’s solar equipment. We have a variety of payment plans that best fit your budgeting goals.

Professional Team

With over 20 years of combined solar experience, the team at JHP Electric Inc. brings solar knowledge, skills, and expertise to homeowners all over the area.

No Power Outages

Solar modules don’t output energy to the grid if it is down, and when you add a battery back-up, your house will still have power. Even when the grid is down. The next time your local utility goes down or raises their rates; have confidence in knowing you made the wise decision to go solar with a battery.

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